Artificial lakes for recreational fields - it's pools. Their advantages are significant from the point of view of healthy and relaxing and not to be underestimated when grapple with physical ailments. Skillful use of the properties of water - buoyancy and pressure allows you to perform vigorous exercise, even to those who have significantly damaged, eg. Surface cartilage. This is due to the conditions after immersion - leveling influence of gravity. Water is therefore the element, which, when it is mastered, it can bring a wide variety of benefits provided in various ways. Countercurrents, heated jacuzzi and with bubbles, water jets, waterfalls, hydro massage back and neck pain, brine tanks of ice water, pond-bottom with a variety of materials, nozzles bottom, massagers neck, or color therapy is the equipment that more attractive use of a given body of water . In the case of such projects, it is essential to virtually plan the positioning technology pool, e.g. Filters and metering pumps measures to ensure the maintenance of water purity, such as pH or stabilized chlorine, water and sewage infrastructure for the efficient and convenient supply and drainage channels communications, connecting pool with important spaces of the object: in the case of commercial applications - e.g. dressing room, sauna, café, and in the case of private use - the rest room, gym, terrace is very important as the functionality of the location of individual facilities and high retained in high-quality aesthetic arrangement of near the pool space , so that the use of the beneficial properties of the water supplied harmonious experience.