SPA, in the popular sense of signifying the Latin phrase Sanus per aquam, a practice derived from the name of their resort and spa located in Belgium, permanently stuck to places of service, where the idea of ​​the operation is to restore and maintain the harmony of the psycho-physical users. This is achieved through the use of a variety of measures, in which the key is tamed element of water, lent in the form of pools or jacuzzi, beauty treatments for face and body, massages, zone of leisure complexes, saunas - dry, infrared Lazne steam, or salt caves. A fundamental aspect of the design object intended for the purpose of performing wellness and care is care for the atmosphere of the place. The climate within the walls of SPA should promote relaxation, so it can describe the features: a highly aesthetic, with taste, subtle, subdued color, arousing pleasant associations, and thus be able to provide a sense of security by being able to maintain intimacy. In our experience of the project it shows that it is essential to preserving the natural features in the distribution of spaces and fulfilling the tasks of reception, sanitation, communication and control systems for heating, air conditioning, lighting and sound track. Comfort should be both the use of attractions, as well as the management of the operating personnel object. A very good solution is reasonable, centralized and automated media management and technology pool area. An alternative to commercial solutions SPA is to extract the space in your home for the purpose of MiniCenter wellness for private use. Examples of our projects share in the portfolio.