living room

In the living room, also known as the living room, we spend a large part of our free time. It is a meeting place with family, relax in front of the TV, or other household activities. It is a common space, so important to the arrangement meets the needs of all tenants. Salon also functions often as the most representative room in our homes, this is where the most welcome guests. Well-arranged interior of the living room becomes so also our flagship. The living room can be a separate room. Increasingly, however, it uses the assumptions in which the living room connects to the kitchen (or kitchenette) and dining area, and through the use of large glass door, also with a terrace or garden area. It creates the same open space, which fulfills many functions. Due to the nature of the room, arrange your living room you can not afford even the smallest mistake in arrangement. By being in him was a pleasure, important to choose the right color of the walls, set the holiday, furniture, lighting conditions, and other details. Professional interior designer will help you decorate a living room in any style and with taste. At present the market is currently a wealth of finishing materials, furniture, and decorative products. Using these capabilities, we select statement so as to form an original and uniquely tailored to the needs of the customer composition. Our work is based on a shared passion, sharing experience and exploring anew the limitless possibilities that gives us the arrangement of space. That's all, as well as our professionalism, commitment and punctuality affect the ever-growing number of satisfied customers, in batch which we would like to invite You.