Interior design consists in the creation of a variety of friendly and functional spaces, with their own individual character and style. Many people think that this is a matter of choosing a wall covering or appropriate curtains. Arrangement is not just the selection of matching accessories. Interior decoration is a more complicated process. Each element in the room must blend with the whole, while reflecting the character of the tenant.  The task of the designer is not as simple as it might seem. When dealing with interior design you need to prepare the right plan, referring to many elements. The design of the room decor starts with the finish of the building. Proper placement of light switches, sockets, or installation affects the appearance of the locale. Interior design does not interfere with the structure of the bearing walls or other structural components. However, you do not have to undertake such a specific project to completely change the appearance of the room. You can arrange only the selected items, creating a great atmosphere. Interior furnishing is directly connected with following new trends. It is known that the arrangements from a few years ago will significantly differ from those present.  A good interior architect must have a broad knowledge of the art, skilfully choosing the colors, texture, appropriately arranging each element to create a coherent whole. The process of arranging rooms begins with the creation of a plan that will cover the client's vision along with the designer's instructions. If it is approved by the client you can go to action. It is necessary at this stage to cooperate with various specialists who together join forces will perform a predetermined plan. Thanks to the decorator's subsequent work, the room is fitted in every inch to create a spectacular final effect. Properly arranged interior should meet several criteria. It must be functional, aesthetically reflecting the individual character of the person living in it.