The design is the procedure used when furnishing the rooms, which adds to the flavor. Arranged in various places, decorative elements add color and enhance aesthetic arrangement. One of the variants possible use of our design is the design on copyright furniture, custom designed and tailored to the specific requirements of a given room. Part of creating the image of a piece of furniture is to make it the characteristic shape and form. Here important is the role of proportion and geometry.Another treatment is a combination of different types of materials. This is manifested in the incrustations is a pairing such. Wood with metal, of ceramic, glass, or variations in between, bonding materials for remote physico-chemical characteristics have the potential out of the ordinary. Irreplaceable surgery are inlays, which combine different types of wood in order to obtain interesting and elegance textural variations and color, and sometimes also a specific image. This treatment is a traditional product, is used in the decorative technique for many centuries. It has wide possibilities of variational because the natural color of wood can be changed by Shading, staining or tan. When designing furniture often we consider the use of the technique of sculpting, as done by hand, bring value uniqueness. Another method available furniture design is a machine execution cutter. Definitely on copyright, custom-made furniture therefore has several key advantages: - perfect fit for the needs of the individual and space, which will be used -unikatowość, because this kind of furniture do not occur anywhere outside the space, which was ordered -beauty execution. We encourage you.