The bathroom is a room, without which it is impossible to imagine a contemporary home. Frequently, however, particularly in small apartments, the dimensions are very limited. The real challenge is to arrange it in such a way that was not only aesthetic and comfortable, but also to accommodate all the necessary equipment. In this context, it is vital to proper sanitation distribution points so that using them was a pleasure and not cause any difficulty. Therefore, using our talents, including creativity and flexibility, we find a way out of any predicament. Sometimes the interior design of small bathrooms require compromises, such as. Swapping the bathtub for a shower. In such cases, very helpful turns out to be a 3D visualization that best shows the layout of the room with all its equipment, and which also is an area of ​​our work. Given that currently available on the market is a wide selection of various finishing materials, ranging from classic ceramic tiles and small, glass mosaic tiles and finishing on wood, we are working to facilitate you to make a choice. It is worth noting that all materials used for interior bathrooms were possible in the best possible grade, and at the same time adequately protected against the ravages of moisture. We will help in the selection of sanitary fittings, equipment and accessories of the highest quality, tailored to the chosen budget. Successfully we execute the project spacious bathing room, where our client will feel like in a luxurious spa. In any case we adapt to the preferences, tastes and guidance client, so as to create the interior, where you will feel relaxed and comfortable.