All-encompassing realization

Comprehensive implementation is the comfort design-realisation service for the investor, consisting in carrying out the entire process of the creation of the interior under one company. Any creative work, such as creating concepts, preparation of architectural details, composing various pieces of equipment, creation of design furniture, or reconstructive, and drafting of project documentation, calculation on the use of force, material selection, creation of 3D visualization, contact with government agencies is the responsibility of one company. This has several advantages. The primary one is the advantage of precise coordination of the process, because all the details are agreed within the company, in which contact between the various levels is direct. The second advantage stems from the first, and that is the beneficial effect for the duration of each step. The third advantage is the simplified communication on line investor - contractor, as investor receives comfort of contact with only one contractor is the one who received the Investor prerogative to be the subject of coordinating the whole process. The fourth value - responsibility. In case of any misconduct relatively easy to enforce amendments or compensation due to the ease of indications responsible. All these items are valuable. In contrast, the time is uncountably valuable. So to our customer could spend it as much as possible on the value of the case, and in less need for, we invite you to cooperate in the spirit of complexity .. This allows you to achieve the most optimal duration of the project from the moment of its creation to completion.

During the implementation of the Krakow office project
Area: 180 m2
Location: Krakow
Arrangement of the house Rzeszow
Area: 200 m2
Location: Rzeszow
Hotel room design
Area: 38 m2
Location: Lublin
Area: 850 m2
Location: Krakow
Area: 230 m2
Location: Katowice
Office Space Nowy Sacz
Area: 180 m2
Location: Nowy Sacz
Arrangement the bedroom in Limanowa
Area: 25 m2
Location: Limanowa
House interior Pińczów
Area: 300 m2
Location: Pinczow
Realization of offices for the company Kronospan
Area: 600 m2
Location: Mielec
Arranging the living room Sandomierz
Area: 90 m2
Location: Sandomierz
Cafe in Nowy Sacz
Area: 70 m2
Location: Nowy Sącz
The house bathroom in Tychy
Area: 10 m2
Location: Tychy
Project of living room Kielce
Area: 40 m2
Location: Kielce
house interior in Lublin
Area: 210 m2
Location: Lublin
Arrangement kitchen Tarnowskie Gory
Area: 40 m2
Location: Tarnowskie Gory
Office Arch instal Katowice
Area: 300 m2
Location: Katowice
The project bedroom Bochania
Area: 30 m2
Location: Bochnia
Jacuzzi in Brzesko
Area: 20 m2
Location: Brzesko
The project apartment Waeszawa
Area: 80 m2
Location: Warszawa
House interior in Sanok
Area: 70 m2
Location: Sanok
Staircase Zamosc
Area: 60 m2
Location: Zamosc
Office design in Nowy Sacz
Area: 50 m2
Location: Nowy Sącz
House in Zory
Area: 140 m2
Location: Żory
Booth at the fair in Vienna
Area: 70 m2
Location: Wiedeń