Kitchen and hall design
Area: 16 m2
The design of the Krakow salon
Area: 26 m2
Arrangement of the bathroom Katowice
Area: 10 m2
Bathroom design Krakow
Area: 3 m2
Design of the Rzeszow salon
Area: 50 m2
A bedroom design in Rzeszów
Area: 11 m2
Interior design Kielce
Area: 56 m2
Arrangement of the Krakow apartment
Area: 150 m2
Private gym Katowice
Area: 30 m2
Arrangement of a children's room Krakow
Area: 18 m2
Arrangement of a house in Krakow
Area: 120 m2
Children's room in Rzeszow
Area: 23 m2
Katowice House
Area: 80 m2
Salon Kraków
Area: 32 m2
Attic adaptation Katowice
Area: 52 m2
House in Rzeszow
Area: 160 m2
House in Tarnow arrangement
Area: 200 m2
The project bedroom Cracow
Area: 20 m2
Arranging house in Nowy Sacz
Area: 200 m2
House in Cracow
Area: 180 m2
Interior design Wojnicz
Area: 150 m2
Wooden log house in Rabka Zdroj
Area: 180 m2
Interior design Skawa
Area: 300 m2
Offices project for Kronospan Company
Area: 600 m2
Interior design house Nowy Sacz
Area: 110 m2
Studio flat in Cracow
Area: 40 m2
Arranging home Slopnice
Area: 300 m2
The project apartment Wysowa
Area: 120 m2
Arranging home Tychu
Area: 110 m2
House with a pool Harklowa
Area: 320 m2
Optical Salon Nowy Sacz
Area: 60 m2
Cracow Apartment
Area: 80 m2
Warsaw Apartment
Area: 70 m2
House with a pool
Area: 220 m2
Flat design Rzeszow
Area: 50 m2
House interior Zakopane
Area: 120 m2
Office design Chrzanow
Area: 200 m2
Beauty Studio Nowy Sacz
Area: 30 m2
House in Nowy Targ
Area: 140 m2
House interior in Nowy Sacz
Area: 170 m2
Travel agency office in Katowice
Area: 75 m2
Attic interior in Cracow
Area: 70 m2
Office design in Pustków
Area: 320 m2