offer made to measure

The trick is to create the perfect project, although in theory it easier for the unlimited financial resources. Usually, however, they have an end. The trick is therefore also create the ideal design and expansion of dreams, adapted to the budget. Importantly, experience shows that, while maintaining the realism you can achieve a lot with any amount allocated for the purpose of construction. The market works because many manufacturers in both construction materials, parts up finishing and outfitting elements and entrepreneurs them traders who offer a variety of products with different prices. Adequate understanding of the possibilities, combined with the wisdom and experience regarding the appropriate balance of value for money and taste in combining the necessary elements, gives us a wide range of choices. Thus, each project by our teams is precisely integrated into the budget presented by the Investor. At each stage of the design process lasts for exchange of opinions and information between our team and the Contractor. We perform financial calculations for a number of variations of concept, we are working at the same time. Because of that there was the opportunity to make adjustments to the plan of execution, thereby introducing both the expansion of the budget, and its depletion. It's a smooth process, creative and as such, requires a flexible approach. We have such an approach. Everything is done according to the will of the Investor and agreed with him. Finally, for final approval by the Investor, they presented conceptual versions, possibly ideally suited to his needs.

How We operate

In the case of interior design we adhere to the following, proven procedures:

Stage I: CONCEPT Inventory interior. Consultation and arrangements for investor preferences regarding colors, materials and equipment and to establish the budget for the project. Preparation of functional concepts (2-3 variants). Presentation of the initial inspiration, suggestions finishing materials and equipment. Work on the concept of functional and initial inspirations until the acceptance by the Investor.

Stage II: VISUALISATION Visualization rooms (2-3 shots one room). Work on visualization until the acceptance by the Investor. Bill of materials and pieces of equipment used in the project.

Stage III: TECHNICAL DRAWINGS preparation of drawings designed interior: Projections of functional layout. Projections of the layout of points of lighting and electrical outlets. Projections of water sewage plant layout of points. Projections of the layout of suspended ceilings, decorative building, etc. The views of the walls with a description of material, layout, tiles, cladding etc. sketches of furniture. Sketched details and copyright elements.

 Stage IV: COMPREHENSIVE IMPLEMENTATION Preparation of tender for comprehensive project Valuation of the purchase and delivery of the whole equipment and finishing materials Valuation installation work including materials Valuation repair work including materials. Valuation of carpentry work including materials Supervision of the coordination of all work related to the project.

Range of services

We deal with a number of vital process of execution of activities architectural and construction, both in a narrower version of the individual and independent interior design, furniture and architecture of the building and expanded - the possibility of execution of the approved project, the comprehensive service which takes into account both the design, construction and supervision of the conducted execution works. Our contribution takes into account the completion of all regulatory approvals, the completion of all necessary materials, arranging their transport to the site, arranging teams, implementing and coordinating the course of the progress of the implementation of their tasks, care of any work, including the care of the implementation in accordance with the objectives of the project and punctuality. . for those wishing to make improvements and innovations to existing structures we serve through the development of positive changes and their implementation, including a full range of design and executive works. Among the innovations is worth noting the ability to automate and integrate work teams installations, the use of heat pumps, introducing elements of equipment to ensure biological regeneration, more practical location of electrical outlets, modernization of water supply and sewage, restoration or re-arrange the interior. The individual character of each space will take care by designing and manufacturing perfectly adapted to the needs of furniture, landscaping and architectural details. In the case of our contractors to participate in all kinds of fairs, we cooperate on the basis of the creation of a distinct visual identity. The representativeness of the exterior of the building will take care through the design and implementation of aesthetic elevation.