Wooden stairs

Before choosing concrete wooden stairs, it is worth knowing their elements and construction. This knowledge will make your decision easier and will make the choice more accurate, thanks to greater awareness.

The most important element of stairs from a practical point of view are treads. Stopstocks are horizontal elements of each step, the surface on which we put the foot. It is worth paying attention to the size of the treads. Too small may require the user to exercise extreme caution when using the stairs.

Vertical elements of steps are risers. You can find variants of stairs that do not have these elements.

Steps are based on wangach (cantilever beams) or on the side cheek beams. Between the individual flights of the stairs, most often in places where the direction of the run is changed, there are special platforms, called landings. The safety of the user is raised by balustrades, consisting of posts, balusters and handles. There are also railings without balusters, for example full balustrades made of glass. An interesting solution, which is increasingly common are mixed constructions, combining wooden elements with metal.

Stairs are a very important element of our interior, they have a great impact on its appearance and character. Facing the choice of stairs, let's remember, however, that the basic criterion that we will be guided by was always safety and convenience.