SPA designs

Designing Spa and Cabinets cosmetologic is one of the areas which is our office. It is a land of many reasons demanding, which is also the reason why we are happy to take it. Why challenging? When creating the concept should consider effective communication, positive course of any installation, functionality, deployment both rooms, as well as their equipment, etc. But what mainly gives the character of the uniqueness of the place of business spa & wellness and cosmetology, the decor and arrangement of their interiors. There can not be repeated, use arrangement ideas noticed in other facilities of this nature, because often you own guests visit various spa. Priceless is therefore unique. Their applications can rely on the example of the Cellar Spa & Wellness facility located in Tarnow, in Malopolska. Interestingly, it belongs to our office, because the design of such spaces for customers accounted for so we liked that we decided to create our own. We atteined one's end. What we wanted most? We wanted to give the basement uniqueness and character dimension of luxury. Spa is the kind of place where the customer has to feel special, like a king or queen. Therefore, the object should be designed at the highest level, with precious materials, with an aesthetic finish and highly tasteful. It's a royal court, where the customer is the most important, and the staff has to help him relax. To give uniqueness basement, we decided to compile primarily precious wood, natural brick and black occurring in different forms in the material. To assess the effect of the work on Piwnica Spa & Wellness, welcome to our portfolio.