restaurant designs

Restaurants are an important place in every city. Stay in them an opportunity to sample the unusual cuisine, meeting with people, attend to business affairs. What do you need, however, to the restaurant customer you feel good in it? Apart from the aspects of masterful cuisine, cultural and competent service, the atmosphere of the place attracts. The climate is also a musician, but first and foremost interior design. Considering the example of The Courtyard Restaurant, which belongs to us and located at our cellar Spa & Wellness, we can say that it is important to constantly refresh something. Because if customers are coming, let them very often something of surprise. Our restaurant has a elongated and arched. Before customer arrives to the bar, he must overcome a certain distance. We decided to divide the space into several zones to entering Guest at first glance might have noticed that the nature of individual sites is different to additionally encouraged him to enter. Distinguished the separate coffee tables and intoxicating, have provided bottled shelves of liquor and coffee, which you can watch and smell the coffee well, the entire room arranged the sketches that relate to the architectural monuments of the charming city of Tarnow. We used elegant furniture, stylized era of the interwar period. We have also added unusual exhibits, including a 100-liter barrel of the wine and the easel with exposed paintings of local artist. The whole picture gave the restaurant level. Up to 9 tables for two internal halls, we have added 4 tables set up in the courtyard and hidden under the roof. And he courtyard adorned surfiniami. Apple tree already grew here before. We take a look at our gallery to find out how we arranged. Our restaurants.