Relax and get in touch with nature

   These two elements should go hand in hand. In the daily course we often forget about what's important and inspiring, not paying attention to the beauty around us. That is why we are glad that we have the opportunity to participate in such beautiful projects that its form and appearance evoke associations with relaxation and rest. It is very important nowadays to create a place where you can catch your breath after work or on vacation. In designing such objects always we have in mind the selection of materials and shapes, creating every time something unique. Depending on the purpose of the work we are guided by the vision and expectations of the client, so as to give the most accurate of his character. Using wood and stone, we refer to the lack of naturalness in the everyday world of steel and glass, bright warm colors help to rest tired eyes. Inherent is the illumination, which is largely responsible for mood. The appropriate analysis, the use of shadows and light scattering creates additional opportunities that are important in the design of just such objects. Specializing in projects SPA and beauty salons we take into account all aspects of a comfortable feeling inside. We are committed to the people in the apartment feel comfortable, and the room itself acted in accordance with its intended purpose.