Interior design project of the Polish Embassy in The Hague

The Embassy is a visiting card of the state abroad, that's why it is so important that its interior is made at the highest level and presented well. You should also remember to keep the basic functions of the interior and the comfort of use. The arrangement of the Embassy in The Hague was designed in the Art Nouveau style. The Secession is an exceptionally attractive style in European art at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The most characteristic feature of Art Nouveau is its liquid line, plant-animal ornamentation, asymmetry and subtle colors. The Secession drew attention to the role of women - at that time the model of the mysterious femme fatale was formed.

Many additions present beautiful and tempting female figures. The embassy's spacious and bright interiors have been finished in pastel colors. The spaces have been enriched with figures typical of this style depicting beautiful female figures. The motif of women so often found in Art Nouveau also appears on paintings framed in gold frames. The taste of the interior is given by a large, impressive chest of drawers, filled with a rich assortment of wines. Noteworthy is also a stained glass window with floral motif, which subtly illuminates the wine cellar. The whole arrangement is complemented by industrial accents of ventilation.