House warm pumps

In an era of increased interest in the issue of resource earthly and intense political activities in the field of climate protection, very popular, both in theory and in practice, it became the subject of renewable energy sources and their use on an industrial scale and the scale of households. As part of this discussion are the heat pump. What are they? The heat pump is a technologically advanced system installation, whose task is to use the heat contained in the elements and phenomena of nature, in the immediate vicinity of the building, the heating of the same building. I Note: often involves the transfer of heat from the lower temperature region to the higher temperature. Pumps, depending on the source from which absorb heat, divided into three types - air, land and water. From the point of view of potential savings, the most recommended are water pumps. Thanks to the heat pump can be largely independent from external energy supply, and hence, reduce the cost of heating homes. COP of heat pumps is very favorable terms commonly used electric stoves or burning fossil fuel. The downside of this type of investment is the cost of purchase and installation of a heat pump. Therefore must be considered that the actual return depends on the intensity of use, ie. The more we have a demand for heat, the faster the investment will pay off. In households will return after years of use. So what speaks for installing heat pumps in households? The wide autonomy energy, ecological awareness and a sense of conduct for dealing with the times.