Home fireplace - fireplace arrangements in our projects

   Building a new home, or renovating the one we live in, we strive to create a family atmosphere and a warm atmosphere. One of the elements that can contribute to this and warm up the space we like, is the fireplace. The home-based focus of the whole family in the central part of the house is an element of great potential that we use in our projects. Of the concepts that include the fireplace we have chosen 4 projects showing diversity and possibilities. Starting with classic elegance, a fireplace placed in a central position at the pillar, discreetly separating the living room from the rest of the open ground floor, accompanied by chandeliers and fluffy carpet creates a timeless composition. The next proposal is to develop a place for fire in a less typical room, because in the bedroom, where it gives gentle light and creates a unique mood. A biocom is used here, which creates a cohesive unit with an RTV cabinet and gently warms the room in cold weather without damaging the environment. In the next visualization one should pay attention to the place where the hearth is located, seen here from every part of the house, from the living room through the dining room and the kitchen finishing. Heat, burning fire heats the overwhelming whiteness of the rooms, giving the family atmosphere. The last project is a simple, modern interior which is complemented by a 3-sided glass fireplace which gives the room a light feeling and creates a warm atmosphere on the ground floor of the house. These examples show how valuable fireplaces are and what they can bring to our rooms, thanks to the growing technology we do not have to decide on a large wood-fired recess, and instead choose a suitable size tank that perfectly fits into our interior.