Green space around the house

   Garden design and the entire area surrounding the house is an important element of the whole concept. Often, green on the outside is designed to corresponded with the interior and consistently replenish the atmosphere that was created in the middle. This is very important when creating the whole arrangement. Designing what is on the outside to take into account many factors, e.g. the color of plants, depending on the season, which grow to the size, care and conditions that we can provide. Well designate zones, consider the possibilities that give us the plants from those climbing up, high, low, creeping up to. Please note that the target look of the garden can be obtained, after a few years when the trees and shrubs will cut above the plants one or two-year, at the end of some of the dreams and vision require a bit of patience on our part. To ensure a good communication at home and around the entire space that surrounds it must be carefully considered distribution sidewalks. Design them so that they themselves marked the space for plants, forming a kind of limiting and controlling the undesirable growth in page, for instance. Well-groomed lawn. Do not forget about a place for a barbecue or a table with chairs that this area will be the most paid attention when we invite guests. Below, among other things one of our projects in Krakow, where we had to deal with a challenge. The Project idea was to create an exotic atmosphere possible, giving the company a deep green most of the year. An additional element is the fountain with the water tank, which brings us from the garden into the house. Original, balanced transition gives harmony and coherence into the spaces closest to the entrance. It is a concept in which the selection of plants was selected according to customer preferences, so that most accurately reproduce the expectations of the range of colors and fragrances. This is an important aspect in the design of gardens, because only a well-thought out, will meet our expectations.