Ecological materials

Ecology - is becoming more fashionable concept and meaning of the colloquial meaning life in harmony with nature, the care for the preservation of an intact environment and the prudent management of natural resources with particular reference to the properties of renewal resources. This concept has always functioned in practice the industries of construction and architecture, and its primary manifestation is the use of natural building materials such as brick, glass, paper, wood, clay, and straw. What is a novelty, this quest for the recovery of raw materials used and re-use them. The source of obtaining these materials may be on an equal footing, the new generation of manufacturers industry or demolition of buildings. The second possibility is part of a circling approach 'eco', because it avoids making bad to worse in land resources. A feature common and specific to all of the above materials is that it is a natural material and, very importantly, neutral for man and environment, and thus safe to use. Aspect of the history of their use in a common way to confirm even a visit to the village, which often find wooden huts or in the city, where especially the old building was performed with the use of brick. Consistent element for these materials is their value as construction products. Each of them is distinguished by a high coefficient of thermal and acoustic insulation. Wood provides good control level of humidity inside rooms and clay high resistance to weather conditions. Another advantage of the clay is to ensure its efficiency and, if properly used, can be part of the construction of the building passive.