Architecture - about our second speciality

To effectively pursue the expectations of investors and to allow the expression of a passion for work, we do not bury our talents underground, specializing exclusively in the field of interior design, but develop them and use them also on the basis of the wider architecture. In the circle of our practical interests they are therefore and are successfully implemented projects for houses, projects of service buildings - shopping centers, department stores, shops, markets under the roof, gas stations, pharmacies, projects of public buildings - schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, social welfare centers, projects of religious buildings - churches, chapels, cemeteries, funeral homes, parish houses, reconstruction and expansion - lofts, attics, garages, bydynki economic, unusual design architecture - chapels, footbridges, bicycle paths, monuments, public toilets and land development - infrastructure surrounding waters, squares. With these interests and projects, and activities Arrangement Interior gains with us on the freshness and innovation, and creativity is always underpinned by a variety of stimuli.In the field of architecture outer space it is particularly important to be aware of the social impact, especially in the case of large gatherings of people, because the force of impact the aesthetics of the design reaches usually more numerous audience. If the investment is a breakthrough, it can become a national showcase of the city, or location, or even international of the country, generating cultural development by expanding the fabric of the city by focusing lives around a given place and influencing economic turnover due to the drafting of a special tourist asset.